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It is the District’s policy that the use of seclusion is prohibited.  Seclusion is defined as the involuntary confinement of a student alone in any room or area. It includes the use of any room or area in which the student is alone and not free to leave (or believes they are not free to leave) regardless of its name (including “time out,” “break,” “calm,” or “reset” rooms, and “quiet areas”). 

“Seclusion” does not include a student voluntarily going to a location authorized by the school to engage in calming or de-escalating behavior. 

An adult blocking a student’s means of egress from a room or area (whether by blocking pads, another object, or through any other means), blocking the student’s escape route, or holding the door shut is considered seclusion.

This does not prohibit a Crisis Prevention Team member from preventing a student from leaving the school building in accordance with the student’s Behavior Intervention Plan to ensure the safety of the student.  However, this is a limited exception and is not intended to be used other than as specifically defined in this paragraph.


  • Approved: 10-26-2022
  • Documents: 615

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