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The Board recognizes that maximum economy and efficiency in the ordering and distribution of equipment, materials and supplies are best achieved through a centralized purchasing function. The Purchasing Department will strive to continually improve customer service by instituting practices and procedures that ensure maximum use of District resources. These practices and procedures will include but not be limited to direct order and shipping arrangements with vendors, pre-negotiated contracts with vendors for major equipment needs, and warehousing and distribution of goods and supplies when it is deemed to be cost effective.

The purchasing functions shall be administered using ethical purchasing practices and procedures and shall follow the legal guidelines of the State of Iowa.

  • Approved: 04-10-78
  • Reviewed: 08-28-89, 08-10-92
  • Reviewed: 07-15-96
  • Revised: 12-14-98
  • Reviewed: 07-14-03, 03-10-08
  • Revised: 02-10-14
  • Reviewed: 02-25-19
  • Documents: 702

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