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Relations with Vendors

Initial Contact

Except for sales related specifically to activity fund purchases, all sales representatives shall first contact the Manager of Purchasing. When appropriate, the Manager of Purchasing will refer sales representatives to the proper department or unit.

Quotations or Bids on Supplies, Equipment and Services

All requests for quotations or bids on items or services to be purchased shall be processed by the Manager of Purchasing who will work with other departments and units in developing specifications and requesting quotations or bids on specialized supplies, equipment or services. The Purchasing Department shall adhere to established procedures for securing either quotations or bids on items or services to be purchased. The lowest responsible and responsive quotation, bid or offer that meets the specifications of the District for any item(s), or services shall be accepted, subject to the right of the Board to reject any or all bids/offers or any part thereof. The Board recognizes that it has a responsibility, when accepting or rejecting bids/offers, to consider factors other than price, such as location, character, reputation, experience, efficiency, facilities, resources, and service, delivery date, and other relevant factors in selecting the bid/offer that most closely conforms to the District needs. The Board may give consideration to purchasing goods or services from a locally-owned business located within the District or a business which participates or is qualified to participate in the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program and which offers these goods or services if the cost and other considerations are relatively equal.


Code of Iowa: Chapter 23A(3)

  • Approved: 03-27-78
  • Reviewed: 08-28-89
  • Revised: 09-11-89, 08-24-92
  • Reviewed:  07-15-96, 01-11-99, 07-14-03
  • Revised: 03-10-08, 01-13-14, 02-14-19
  • Documents: 702.1

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