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Travel Expense Reimbursement

In fulfilling performance responsibilities, it may be necessary for employees of the District to incur expenses. The Board authorizes reimbursement of necessary expenses incurred in the performance of District business.

Regulations governing reimbursement rates for necessary expenses will be adopted by the Board of Education.

Following are general guidelines relating to reimbursement of necessary expenses.

  • The mode of transportation selected for travel should be at the most reasonable rate.
  • Car pooling and double occupancy is encouraged when feasible and appropriate.
  • Personal and entertainment expenses will not be reimbursed.
  • Adequate documentation of expenses is required, if applicable.
  • District reimbursement of expenses will be timely.
  • All regulations governing reimbursement will comply with applicable state laws.

  • Approved: 10-10-94
  • Reviewed: 07-15-96, 12-14-98, 07-14-03, 03-10-08, 02-10-14
  • Revised: 03-11-19
  • Documents: 705

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