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Preparing Official Statement

At the commencement of a financing, the CD Compliance Officer shall develop or cause its finance team to develop a plan for preparation of the official statement and a schedule that allows sufficient time for all required work, including appropriate review and participation by members of the financing team and knowledgeable Issuer staff.

The CD Compliance Officer shall be responsible for managing the preparation process for the official statement, and shall obtain the assistance of other participants within the Issuer and legal and financial professionals, as necessary and appropriate.

The CD Compliance Officer shall be responsible for developing a program for coordinating staff review of the disclosure information and obtaining formal sign-off from staff on the disclosure documents.

The CD Compliance Officer shall ensure that any previous failure to fully comply with continuing disclosure obligations during the prior five-year period is disclosed in the official statement.

Members of the Board of Directors, the CD Compliance Officer and any other key officials, shall review the official statement and shall be given not less than 7 days to review an official statement prior to being asked to vote on its approval, absent extenuating circumstances. Members of the Board of Directors responsible for reviewing the official statement, shall contact the CD Compliance Officer during the review period to discuss potential issues, questions or comments with respect to the official statement.

  • Approved: 06-14-2021
  • Documents: 709b

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