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Community Use of Facilities

The use of District facilities as centers for community participation should be encouraged whenever those activities are beneficial to the community-at-large. All requests must be completed online using the Facilities Request system available on the District website. If approved, there must be a facility use agreement.

Activities should be scheduled so they do not conflict with District academic or co-curricular programs, with due consideration given to the conservation of energy and District expense. Requests will be considered and approved based on the existing District priorities schedule. Building administrators will always have the first right to approve or disapprove use of their respective facilities.

The District may, in lieu of rental fees, accept needed services or facility use from organizations for the full or partial payment of fees due for District facility use.

When a business or organization enters into a facilities use agreement and violates any of the agreement stipulations, the Superintendent/designee reserves the right to terminate the agreement and/or deny use of facilities for that business or organization.

The Superintendent/designee reserves the right to deny the use of District facilities at any time.

  • Approved: 05-08-78
  • Revised: 12-12-83
  • Reviewed: 06-26-89
  • Revised: 08-14-89
  • Reviewed: 09-14-92, 01-13-97, 01-11-99, 08-25-03, 04-14-08, 05-12-14
  • Revised: 10-12-15, 08-31-2020
  • Documents: 805

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