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Paid Busing and Fees

Fees for transportation services shall be charged when students do not live the required distance from school and when it is determined in accord with Procedure 901a that transportation is justified. Paid busing will only be allowed if there is room available on an existing yellow bus route.

The fee charged shall be based on the pro rata cost per pupil, computed annually by State formula. The base fees will be 100 percent of the pro rata cost per pupil, rounded to the nearest dollar, for the first paying student in a family, and 50 percent of the pro rata cost per pupil, rounded to the nearest dollar, for the second paying student in a family. The charge will be 33½ percent for any additional paying family members.

Students who qualify for pay busing and reduced price lunches can purchase fee busing at 50 percent of the regular rate. Students, who qualify for free lunches, will be transported at no cost. Full payment is required to ride the bus.

Transportation services shall be purchased on an annual or quarterly basis. Fees shall be paid in full upon receipt of a District invoice at the beginning of each year or quarter as follows:

1st billing = end of October/beginning of Nov (Aug/Sept/Oct)
2nd billing = beginning of January (Nov/Dec/Jan)
3rd billing = beginning of March (Feb/March)
4th billing = beginning May (remainder – Apr/May)

Transportation service passes may be purchased for morning service or afternoon service, at half the applicable fee and subject to the pay arrangements specified above.

Students who elect to receive transportation after the quarter begins shall be charged on a pro rata basis. A student who moves in or out of an eligible area will be charged or receive a refund on a pro rata basis according to the amount of transportation provided. Payments may be made in person, or mailed to the District Accounting Department.

No refunds or rate adjustments shall be made for days busses cannot operate because of weather or other circumstances beyond the control of the District. Extenuating circumstances, such as extended illness, will be considered on an individual basis.

Students covered under this regulation will receive service similar to that offered other transported students and will be governed by the same rules of conduct.


Code of Iowa: Chapter 285
Iowa Administrative Code: Chapter 281-18

Cross Reference: Procedure 901a

  • Approved: 07-10-78
  • Revised: 05-24-79, 09-22-80, 06-08-81
  • Reviewed: 09-11-89
  • Revised: 06-08-92
  • Reviewed: 06-09-97
  • Revised: 01-11-99
  • Reviewed: 09-08-03, 04-14-08
  • Revised: 02-09-09, 07-19-10, 08-09-10, 02-24-14, 12-14-15, 04-22-19
  • Documents: 901.2

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