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Suspension or Curtailment of Transportation Services

The Manager of Transportation will be responsible for determining the feasibility of operating District-owned vehicles during periods of inclement weather and/or deficient road conditions. The Manager may initiate minor route changes when, in the Manager’s opinion, the minor adjustment would promote the safety of the students and the protection of equipment. In the event local or state authorities place an embargo on any road traveled by a District-owned vehicle, the manager shall reroute vehicles to service the area in the most expeditious manner.

In the event of inclement weather or emergency, the Manager of Transportation will make a recommendation to the Superintendent/designee regarding transportation suspension or curtailment options. Suspension of transportation services will be authorized only by the Superintendent/designee.

The Superintendent/designee will advise the Transportation Department immediately of any school closure. When it is necessary to limit or cancel transportation services, the District will inform families and staff.

Reduced Visibility
During a period of reduced highway visibility caused by fog, snow, or other weather conditions, the school bus driver is authorized to vary from prescribed pick-up and delivery points in the interest of student safety. The driver may use the untraveled portion of the public roadway or use a private road that is maintained in the same manner as the public roadway.


Code of Iowa: Chapter 285

  • Approved: 07-10-78
  • Reviewed: 09-25-89
  • Revised: 10-09-89
  • Reviewed: 09-28-92, 06-09-97, 01-11-99, 09-08-03, 04-14-08
  • Revised: 02-24-14, 04-22-19
  • Documents: 901.4

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