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Conduct on District Transportation

All persons utilizing or having access to District transportation will conduct themselves in an orderly manner fitting to their age with mutual respect and consideration for the rights of the vehicle driver and the other passengers.

The vehicle driver will have the authority to maintain order, with the assistance of other staff, on the District vehicle. In the event of disruptive behavior, the vehicle staff should contact the Manager of Transportation/designee for appropriate guidance. If the vehicle staff believes a threat exists, law enforcement may be contacted. It is the responsibility of the vehicle driver or attendant to report misconduct to the Manager of Transportation/designee and/or building administrator/designee.

Students and employees who fail to behave in an orderly manner may be subject to disciplinary measures. Other persons who fail to behave in an orderly manner may be asked to leave the District transportation and may no longer be permitted to use and/or access the District transportation. The Manager of Transportation/designee and/or building principal/designee will have the authority to suspend transportation privileges of the student, employee, or other individuals or to impose other appropriate discipline.

The Board authorizes the use of District video surveillance on District vehicles used for transportation to and from school as well as for field trips, curricular or extracurricular events and other events. District video surveillance will be used to monitor student, employee, and other rider behavior and may be used as evidence in a student or employee disciplinary proceeding. The video recordings will be maintained as required by District guidelines.

  • Approved: 03-09-92
  • Revised: 10-12-92
  • Reviewed: 06-09-97, 01-11-99, 09-08-03, 04-14-08
  • Revised: 02-24-14, 01-23-17, 04-22-19
  • Documents: 901.8

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