Before classes begin at Wright Elementary School, you might find a few students in the library. They’re not checking out books—they’re waiting to have their hair styled.

Maaliyah Carlson, media secretary at Wright, began helping students with their hair this school year.

“Last year I had noticed that there were a few kids that needed their hair done, and so I talked with the ELL teacher,” explains Carlson. “She was able to find some funding to find some supplies, so we just started this year.”

Carlson has a passion for hair styling and works with students to do their hair however they would like.

“I try to do [their hair] so it will last a few days,” she says. “I’m always available every day.”

A fresh, new hairdo brings instant smiles to student’s faces.

“It’s so cute!” exclaims Aniston, a Wright fifth grader.