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Mother and child doing homeschooling, e learning at home


Mission Statement

The mission of the Cedar Rapids Home School Assistance Program is to provide an educational alternative that benefits homeschooling families, meets the educational requirements of the school district, builds community and considers the best interest of the student.

Parent / Teacher Support

  • Certified teacher support
  • Eight in person visits with child(ren) and parent
  • Curriculum rental available
  • Assessments available
  • Lending library
  • Extensive educational resources
  • Opportunities for networking
  • Educational goal settings
  • High school transcript and record keeping
  • Scholastic book orders

Student Opportunities

  • Enrichment classes taught by homeschool staff
  • Dual enrollment at area schools including: core classes, specials/electives, activities, and IEP services
  • Family focused events: field trips, clubs, STEM, World Food Fest, etc.
  • Edgenuity online courses for students in middle and high school
  • Homeschool High School Diploma and graduation
  • High school job shadows and internships available through Kirkwood
  • Chromebooks available for each student
  • Elementary and middle school progress celebration

The home school assistance program office is located in Wilson Middle School at 2301 J St SW, Cedar Rapids.

The main office can be reached at 319-558-2088.

They can be emailed at

Interested in enrolling in the home school program? Learn more about registration and enrollment here. Interested students may tour our facilities.

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Resource Teacher The Cedar Rapids Home School Assistance program is staffed by certified resource teachers. Each family is assigned a teacher who works directly with the family to provide: a minimum of 16 contacts per year- 8 visits must be in-person with parent and child(ren), curriculum assistance, learning and goal setting assistance, formal and informal student assessment, and support with learning activities, lesson planning examples, scheduling, etc.

Enrichment Classes Weekly enrichment classes are held for K-12 students and allow an in person school setting. Elementary classes are taught on Tuesdays. Middle and high school classes are taught on Thursdays. Classes may include science, math, language arts, art, PE, history, and study skills. Students will eat lunch at school and students in grades K-5 will have recess. The enrichment day is a great time for students to learn from a certified teacher and build their social skills.

Educational Resources K-12 curriculum can be rented in reading, language arts, math, social studies, science, other high school courses (both a teacher’s edition and student text are included as available). Edgenuity online classes are available for middle and high school students. There is a lending library with books, curriculum, educational resources, and games.

Dual Enrollment K-12 Students may attend classes at their neighborhood school for academic classes, IEP support, PACT/Prime Time, fine arts, athletics, activities, and clubs

Activities Homeschool students may participate in the following teacher supported activities: clubs- held once a week at Wilson, family friendly field trips, Club create- held quarterly at Wilson to create various art projects, STEAM events- science, technology, engineering, art, and math activities held at Wilson, First Lego League (FLL) non-competitive for grades K-3, First Lego League (FLL) competitive for grades 4-8, Chess Club-held virtually for students in grades 3 – 12.


Key contacts

Jeannie Johnson

Lead Teacher

Matt Cossolotto

Resource Teacher

Cheryl Scherbaum

Resource Teacher

Josie Norton

Resource Teacher

Katelyn Stinger

Resource Teacher

Joezette Hester

Resource Teacher