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Communications and Media Relations

The Communications Department creates content for students, families, staff, community members, and media. It informs both internal and external audiences about district announcements and happenings.

CRCSD’s award-winning newsletter is created within the department and distributed to a large database of families, staff, and community members. The department develops content for the CRCSD social media platforms and district website. Additionally, the departmental video service provides content for varied platforms, including the CRCSD YouTube channel.

The Communications Department is a nationally award-winning crisis communications team. National School Public Relations Association honored the team with a 2021 Golden Achievement award for its “Disaster Strikes” crisis communications entry.

Media relations

The director of communications helps connect media to CRCSD sources, information and data. Additionally, the director makes the news gathering process easier by providing media access to buildings, administrators and teachers.

Note that all media inquiries or videotaping requests must originate via the communications department at 319-558-3394.

Many journalists follow the weekly CRCSD newsletter Future Ready Today to garner up-to-date, newsworthy announcements and information.

Key contact

Justin Schaefer

Interim Director of Communications