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2nd Largest in Iowa
16,000+Students enrolled
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“The Why” Behind the Facilities Master Plan

CRCSD is eager to deliver on its promise of Every Learner. Future Ready. It is evolving its teaching practices, workforce, and facilities to most effectively meet the needs of our 21st century learners. While CRCSD will always honor the past, it is important to plan for the future in a progressive and fiscally-responsible manner.

After Many Years, It’s Time

  • Most CRCSD school buildings were built before the 1950s, and some are more than 100 years old
    • Older compartmentalized designs don’t support open, collaborative learning
    • Repairs and maintenance are expensive on older buildings
    • ADA compliance is not being met
  • It’s been 23 years since CRCSD has asked the community for a bond vote
    • Surrounding school districts have benefited from several successful bond votes over the same time period
    • Cedar Rapids students should have the same opportunities as their surrounding area peers

CRCSD Needs to Catch Up

  • CRCSD kids deserve the best facilities to prepare them for the future so they can be competitive as they move forward and seek career readiness
  • Extracurricular and activities spaces are not currently equivalent to the surrounding school districts

Enrollment Assessments Affect Change

  • Facilities decisions are based on enrollment data within geographic areas
    • Uneven enrollment in certain schools does not align with best practices. For example, the cost per student in a small CRCSD school is $11,000 versus a larger CRCSD school where it is $7,000 per student
    • Projected capacity can determine the best fiscal use of existing or potentially-new facilities

Progress Supports CR Economic Development

  • New school facilities help drive businesses and families to the Cedar Rapids community
  • A modern school district creates economic appeal