Opening a new community-based high school

The Cedar Rapids Community School District is excited to announce that a new magnet school is being added to the district. City View Community High School will open in the fall of 2023 in downtown Cedar Rapids (location soon to be announced) with a focus geared towards learning through community and business engagement.

The district is aware that not all students learn in the same capacity, so as part of our vision to get Every Learner. Future Ready, we want to meet them where they are. City View will be a hybrid school option, allowing students to learn at school, as well as on the job with local companies. This collaboration allows students to get hands-on experience and direct connections with local businesses looking to hire. Students will graduate City View at their own pace, with full high school credits, on the job training and contacts with local businesses. Whether a student wants to expedite their high school experience and move on to college, or immediately enter the workforce after high school graduation, there is a place for every student at City View.

In the first year, City View will be open to 9th and 10th grade students. In the second year the school will add on 11th grade students, and in the third year, 12th grade students. Students that join in year one as a 9th or 10th grader will have the opportunity to graduate from City View as a 12th grader.

Dan DeVore is the principal of City View Community High School. Dan was previously the principal at Metro High School for the past five years, and has moved into this newly-developed position for the 2022-23 school year. “I’m excited about the future of the new high school, especially helping to create and open a school that is dedicated to community-based learning,” says Principal Dan DeVore. “I look forward to helping students find their passions while exploring their futures.”

Learn more about City View Community High School, including how to enroll your student for the 2023-24 school year, here: City View webpage.