Last Tuesday was a momentous day for 280 preschool students who had big smiles, small apprehensions, and mega-filled backpacks as they walked up to the newly-created Truman Early Learning Center. Opening day brought open arms to welcome CRCSD’s littlest learners.

Truman Early Learning Center emerged from a growing need for preschool and daycare options in the Cedar Rapids community. The one-level building was previously an elementary school and is a safe, easy environment to house preschoolers. Principal Monica Frey and her staff have done a great job of creating a learning and loving space for 4 year-old students.

Truman Early Learning Center filled up almost immediately and required another classroom be opened up to accommodate additional students. “It shows there was a need,” says Truman Early Learning Center Principal Monica Frey. “We reacted to that.”

Truman Early Learning Center opens with 15 classrooms. Each classroom has one teacher, one full-time paraeducator, and one part-time paraeducator. The school hours are 9am- 4pm, with options for before/after school care and even to/from school bus transportation. Families that are in need of transportation for regular pre-school hours have the option to sign up their preschooler for bus transportation. Students are bussed to and from their home elementary school, where their caregiver drops them off and picks them up.

Truman Early Learning Center partners with Champions to provide before and after school care to families in need. Before school care begins at 6:30am, and ends at 6pm. CRCSD currently has 50 families enrolled in the program.

A new parent drop-off and bus lane was recently poured to create a safe environment for students and families. The parent drop-off wrap around the Truman building, while the bus lane enters in the front of the school.

With Truman Early Learning Center being the first in the district to serve only preschoolers, it opens up the ability to bring in age-appropriate tools across the school. New-sized cafeteria tables will fill the cafeteria, while two new age-appropriate playgrounds will be installed this fall.

Truman Early Learning Center is proud to partner with and represent all CRCSD elementary schools.

While Truman Early Learning Center is full for the 2022- ’23 school year, information will be available next spring for the 2023- 2024 school year.

Truman Early Learning Center - First Day 2022 - 2023