Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires all states to publish report cards reflecting the performance of the state, schools and school districts. Iowa’s report card is called the Iowa School Performance Profiles. The report cards provide an overall view of school performance and reflect the core measures that contribute to a school’s accountability determination. This data is updated annually.

The information contained in the report allows parents, staff and other stakeholders to celebrate achievements and focus on areas for improvement. Both the Iowa School Performance Profiles and the Iowa School Report Card are reflected on the https://www.iaschoolperformance.gov/ site.

For the Cedar Rapids Community School District, we have some exciting celebrations within the data:

  • 88% (28/32) of our schools maintained or improved their accountability by at least one level.
  • 25% (8/32) of our schools moved from low accountability (Priority or Needs Improvement) to high accountability (Acceptable or Commendable).
  • One building improved their accountability by two levels, going from Needs Improvement in 2021 to Commendable in 2022.
  • 9 schools dropped at least one demographic subgroup from their targeted status. 8 of the 9 schools now have no targeted subgroups.
  • 75% (24/32) of our schools improved their overall ESSA scores from 21-22.
  • 50% (16/32) of our schools require no subgroup support, up from 31% (10/32) in 2021.
  • 8 schools have come off the ESSA designation list

We are excited about our growth and appreciative of all the hard work of our students, staff and families. We have so much to celebrate.

Nicole Kooiker, Deputy Superintendent