Students in the Mural Club at Hoover Community School have put the finishing touches on a piece of art. This snowplow is from the City of Cedar Rapids and will be moving through the streets this winter, removing snow.

With assistance from the Hoover art teacher, Renee Reedich, and support from the Eastern Iowa Arts Academy, the students painted the front of a City of Cedar Rapids snowplow.

Reedich adds the student’s favorite part of the process was using spray paint to cover the plow.

”I am extremely proud of my mural club students. They were so excited and enthusiastic through the whole process,” says Reedich. “They have a lot of pride in their work and school. I feel the plow displays this in so many ways!”

So be on the lookout for this snowplow, and the Hoover Community School hopes it makes your winter experience a little brighter.

Hoover mural club paint a city snowplow.