We are pleased to share that Jefferson High School is considered an additional site location for Kirkwood Community College due to the number of Kirkwood classes that Jefferson High School offers onsite at the JHS building.

You may wonder, what does this actually mean? The Department of Education defines “additional locations” as places where 50 percent or more of a degree, certificate, or other recognized educational credential is offered at an off-campus location. Both Kirkwood and Jefferson High School work in cooperation with one another for this partnership to exist.

Jefferson HS currently offers 25 Kirkwood concurrent enrollment courses in their building. These courses are called “concurrent enrollment” because students can earn both college credit and high school credit upon successful completion of the course.

“Jefferson is so proud to be recognized by Kirkwood as a leader in the metro area as a Kirkwood offsite location. The advantages provided to our students, both in terms of college/career development and cost savings, all without having to leave the building, is a huge benefit to our student body. It is our goal as we build on this achievement to expand further, improving our sophomore and freshman offerings, so that students can someday receive two degrees by the end of their senior year.” Mike Hawley, Principal Jefferson High School