The high school substate tennis finals took place on Wednesday. The boys’ and girls’ tennis teams from Washington both advanced on to the 2023 State Team Tennis Tournament scheduled for May 30 – June 1 at Waukee High School. There are also several singles and doubles players from Washington and Jefferson that will be competing at state. They will begin play on May 26th in Iowa City.


Washington Boys’ Team: Nicholas Burkamper, Lucas Burkamper, Logan Sherman, Brock Davis, Colton Eilers, Thor White, Bjorn White, Preston Haefner

Washington Girls’ Team: Katelynn Kock, Kathryn Zylstra, Chloe Palmer, Mya Messenger, Peyton Caldwell, Lily Barker, Sammi Becker, Finley Eggleston.


Nicholas Burkamper (Washington)
Logan Sherman (Washington)
Brock Davis (Washington)
Lily Holland (Jefferson)
Lily Schreckengast (Jefferson)


Katelynn Kock and Kathryn Zylstra (Washington)
Allie Balow & Olivia Young (Jefferson)