The Cedar Rapids Community School District Board of Education held a special work session on Monday, July 31st. During the work session, the board discussed details of the comprehensive Facilities Master Plan revealed on July 17th and a possible bond referendum this fall. We encourage you to watch the board session to gain valuable insights into the complex issues discussed.

“Our students deserve this from us. Our staff who work in these buildings deserve it too. We need to make sure we are providing opportunities to make them successful,” shared board member Marcy Roundtree.

Superintendent Dr. Tawana Grover and Chief of Operations Jon Galbraith shared more data to address the dilemmas raised in last week’s special board work session with the Cedar Rapids City Council. The board of directors then agreed to proceed with Phase 1 of the comprehensive Facilities Master Plan, which would include putting a $220 Million bond referendum on the ballot this November.

Phase One Project

“The heart of the matter is still the same – we want every learner to be future-ready. Our facilities should contribute to that vision. We want to ensure our students are in safe, secure, and conducive learning environments and have equal access to high-quality education and opportunities,” stated Superintendent Dr. Grover.

“There will always be reasons why we should wait, but I believe the time is now,” added Roundtree.

At the August 7th school board meeting, the board will be looking at several different bond language proposals and approve the final language for the November 7th ballot. Once approved, over 6,000 community signatures will still be required by September 22 for the referendum to go up for a public vote late this year.