The Cedar Rapids Community School District is reaching out to provide you with an opportunity to update important information regarding your student(s). Due to recent changes in the law, CRCSD is asking all parents to confirm any alternative names, nicknames, or preferred names that their student(s) will be using. For example, if your son’s legal name is Anthony, but he typically goes by Tony. School employees will not be able to call your student(s) by their preferred name/nickname until it has been confirmed by a parent and updated in Infinite Campus.

An email will be sent to all parents on Tuesday, September 17th, asking you to confirm your student’s preferred name/nickname. This email will contain a link to a form allowing you to update this information directly in Infinite Campus. This form will only be available from September 17th to October 3rd. We appreciate you taking the time to review this now.

Should you need to make any change to this information after October 3rd, you will be required to fill out a paper form located in each school’s office. You can also update the information each summer during Annual Verification. Please contact your building administrator should you have any questions.