The social media threat continues to be investigated by school authorities, the Cedar Rapids Police Department, state public safety agencies, and the FBI to identify those responsible. Threats against our schools are treated very seriously, and students determined to have made such threats face consequences through our school’s Code of Conduct and potential legal consequences.

This is an opportune time to discuss this situation with your students and emphasize that such actions have severe consequences, even if the threat is made in jest. Please remind your children about the importance of reporting any suspicious or potentially threatening activity to an adult as soon as possible.

We know you are likely concerned, anxious, and uneasy hearing about this threat and about sending your student to school tomorrow. Please understand that the safety of our students and staff is one of our primary concerns, and any threats of violence, even if deemed not credible, are taken very seriously. 

There will be no afternoon/evening activities, practices, or sporting events tonight (October 2). We plan to hold school as usual tomorrow, October 3, 2023. As a precautionary measure, and to reassure parents, students, and staff, we will implement proactive safety measures and increase police presence around our schools. Here is what you need to know –

  • No early bird classes or AM activities/practices on Tuesday, October 3rd.
  • School bus transportation will run as normal.
  • All schools will start at their regular start times. Students should not arrive at a high school or middle school before 7:15 a.m., or not before 8:30 a.m. at elementary schools.
  • Champions before and after school daycare will operate on regular hours. No student backpacks, bags, or purses will be allowed, unless in a clear, see-through bag. Lunch boxes are allowed, but will be examined by Champions staff.
  • Students and staff must access each school building using only one or two designated entrance locations before, during, and after the school day. The designated entrances will be indicated with signage when students arrive at school in the morning. 
  • No student backpacks, bags, or purses of any kind will be allowed at any CRCSD school. Students should only bring their Chromebook and school supplies needed for the day. Students may use a clear bag to help carry these items. 
  • If a student comes to school with a backpack, purse, or non-clear bag, school staff will ask them to remove the items they need for the day and then place the bag in the school office until school is dismissed. Students will not be allowed to access them during the school day.