The state of Iowa releases a public school performance assessment each year. The Iowa School Performance Profile is an annual report card that reflects how each public school performed on a set of core accountability measures, such as proficiency, growth, school climate, and graduation rate. At Cedar Rapids Community School District, we are committed to providing the best education possible for our students and preparing them for the future. We use the Iowa School Performance Profile results to help guide our work so that our district remains a place where every student can succeed and reach their full potential.

Cedar Rapids Community School District has made remarkable progress in its 2023 Iowa School Performance Profile. Our elementary and middle schools’ Math proficiency rates have returned to pre-pandemic levels, with ELA (English and Language Arts) only a few percentage points away. 75% of our schools have improved their scores from last year. Among the notable achievements, three schools, Jefferson, Wright, and Grant Wood, have raised their performance ratings by two. Jefferson has moved up from “Priority” to “Acceptable,” Wright improved from “Needs Improvement” to “Commendable,” and Grant Wood has progressed from “Needs Improvement” to “Commendable.” For the first time as a District, three of our schools, Maple Grove, Viola Gibson, and Harding, have been categorized as “High Performing,” which is a significant milestone. Viola Gibson was our highest-scoring school, with more than 80% of the students demonstrating remarkable proficiency in ELA and Math, with a proficiency level of either “Advanced” or “Proficient.”

The state report also breaks down results by student subgroups. The ELL, IEP, and Black student subgroups have increased by five or more percentage points in Math proficiency and two percentage points in ELA proficiency. It is even more encouraging to note that more CRCSD students have made growth in ELA and Math compared to other students in Iowa. The students learning English as a second language have also outperformed their peers in the state by eight percentage points, proving their dedication and passion for learning. In addition, the district’s 4-year graduation rose to 80.33%.

While the District celebrates several notable achievements, it is important to take note of the current data. The proficiency rate of our students in ELA (English and Language Arts) stands at 63.16 percent, which is lower than the state average of 70.84 percent. The district’s target is 80 percent by 2027. Similarly, our students’ proficiency rate in Math is 53.1 percent, below the state average of 64.97 percent and the district’s goal of 80 percent by 2027. The composite score for the “Conditions for Learning,” a school climate survey administered in grades 6-12, is 50.72, slightly higher than the state’s score of 49.27. A more detailed report can be found at

Below, you will find our school’s performance profile rating:

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“The academic achievement growth within CRCSD is a true testament to the dedication and hard work of our students, teachers, and staff. There is always room for improvement. We are confident that our top focus areas to advance academics – guaranteed and viable curriculum, college and career readiness, and safe and secure learning environments – will continue to drive our success.” stated Superintendent Dr. Tawana Grover. “Our commitment to “Every Learner. Future Ready.” is evident in our exploration of new 3 – 5 English Language Arts curricula and our ongoing implementation of new K – 8 Math curricula, which has already yielded positive outcomes. Additionally, we have hired a Safe and Secure Learning Coordinator. A task force is underway to investigate needed support and develop a comprehensive plan.”

Grover added, “Thank you to Cedar Rapids Community School District’s Board of Education for approving the district’s new strategic plan on September 23, 2023, which has set forth four primary pillars: “Elevate Students’ Plans, Pathways, and Passions,” “Energize the Staff,” “Stabilize the District,” and “Mobilize the Community.” As well as its continued investment in our students and staff. With the support of our staff, families, and community, we are confident that together, we will build high-level academic achievement and growth for all our students.”

Each school principal is sharing building-specific status through an email with parents.