In collaboration with the Cedar Rapids Public Works Department, Jefferson High School participated in the “Paint a Plow” program that gives organizations a chance to paint a city plow which will be used during winter snow removal efforts. This year, three organizations within the Jefferson High School Building took part in these efforts.


AMPED stands for Algebra I in Manufacturing Processes, Entrepreneurship, and Design. This is where students apply real-life algebra skills to different business and manufacturing projects. AMPED on Algebra students operate a business running a fabrication lab customizing textile products and manufacturing other items composed of wood, metal, and plastic.
For the AMPED snow plow, students in the class proposed design ideas that were then voted on by the class. Once the design was chosen, the class was separated into teams to complete the plow. Everything that was on the plow was designed, planned, and painted by AMPED students. Keep your eyes peeled for the “AMPED J-HAWKS” plow on a street near you!



Project Lead the Way(PLTW) is a pathway of engineering and computer science courses. Many of these classes are Kirkwood concurrent enrollment and offer students of all ages the opportunity to experience work in the various fields of engineering before entering college or the trades. Jefferson’s PLTW Intro to Engineering Design classes took on the plow challenge and utilized their newly learned CAD skills to laser cut or CNC router various templates for our teams. Using their engineering design process the team came up with something that all J-Hawks community can be proud of. PLTW is proud to engineer clear roads for all during the upcoming winter season



Ninth grade students at Jefferson High School participate in a program called BlendEd that combines core classwork and application based education within a cohort setting. Students were given the opportunity to submit a design for the plow that would eventually be voted on by their peers. Once designed, students were then given the opportunity to participate in the painting of the plow itself. Please be on the lookout for the Jefferson High School BlendEd plow on the streets throughout the winter.


A J-Hawk plow will be seen on a street near you.