Providing primary care health services in a nurturing school environment

Are you aware that your student can receive some primary care health services within a CRCSD school environment? Metro Care Connection School Based Health Centers provide expanded school health services to CRCSD students. The centers are located at three of our district high schools, but all district students PK-12 can take advantage of the services. 

Licensed nurse practitioners provide physical and preventive health services to students in a youth-friendly environment, regardless of ability to pay. School-based health centers reduce barriers to learning, such as absenteeism, mental health issues, and trauma.

“One of our many benefits is to minimize the amount of time students are absent from school due to barriers that prevent some students from accessing primary care services,” said Health Services Facilitator Sandy Byard. “For students with written parental consent to receive services through Metro Care Connection, it also allows parents and guardians to stay at work, while knowing their student is being checked and cared for.”

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