This week, Jefferson High School is presenting a new spin on the classic “Romeo and Juliet.” This production begins on a stage of unfinished platforms as a Language Arts class meets to read the play. A teacher enters and hands out scripts to students—seemingly at random—and announces, “Two households, both alike in dignity.” Immediately, the students divide to the two sides of the stage, take on their roles, and make the pages of the play come to life. With each scene, costumes and set pieces are added, and scenes build until a fully realistic play comes to life in the final scene.

This “play about a play” approach allows roles of one gender to be open to any gender, giving opportunities to more students. The cast can also spend more time exploring the script, not just memorizing lines. The technical crew can experiment with new paint techniques and Jefferson’s new LED stage lights to set the mood for each scene. Most importantly, it allows the theater department to instill the tradition of excellence at Jefferson High School.

Catch “Romeo and Juliet” in the Jefferson Little Theater from Thursday, Dec. 2 to Saturday, Dec. 4 at 7 p.m. each evening. Tickets are available to the public. If you cannot show your support in person, Ghostlight support tickets are available. Ghostlight allows anyone to purchase seats for productions for Jefferson Language Arts teachers to award their brightest and most deserving with free tickets to the show. Purchase tickets through the button below.

View images from the production below.

Jefferson HIgh School - Romeo and Juliet