All four Cedar Rapids Community School District high schools operate a food pantry to supply food and hygiene products for their students and families. Learn more about each, including how to place an order or make a donation.

Jefferson High School—West Side Pantry

Jefferson High School pantryIn March 2021, Jefferson High School faculty, with a partnership from HACAP addressed a need and opened the West Side Pantry. Since then, they have served 190 families and 941 individuals. Their most significant request is for personal hygiene products.

The pantry is open to all Jefferson students, Cedar Rapids Virtual Academy students, and families. Food pickup is Thursday afternoon. Please follow this link to place an order Friday through Tuesday.

If you want more information or donate, don’t hesitate to contact Mycala MacTaggart or Rebecca Egli.

Kennedy High School—Cougar Corner Food Pantry

Kennedy High School pantryThe Cougar Corner Food Pantry provides food and hygiene products to Kennedy High School students and families. It is open two days per week, and students can take up to four bags per visit.

The pantry receives support from HACAP, but regularly sees a need for breakfast, snack food, and hygiene products.

If you would like to donate, please contact Kennedy High School at 319-558-2251.

Metro High School—Metro Food Pantry

Metro High School pantryEach year approximately 85 families utilize Metro High School’s food pantry. As an emergency option, Metro’s design differs from other school pantries. They are short-term only, including resources to educate students and families in household management.

In an urgent situation, the pantry will provide students with a bag of food that goes into a backpack that can last either a night or a weekend. A family can request a food box with ingredients to make seven meals. Hygiene products are also available.

All food boxes and bags include resources for students and families. The information includes recipes for preparing the meals to get the most out of what they have, along with a list of food resources with other pantries and ready-to-eat meals sites. Additional resources are provided about planning and budgeting money to help empower students and families to make the best decisions they can.

Please follow this link if you want more information or would like to donate to Metro’s pantry.

Washington High School—Washington Food Pantry

Washington High School pantryThe Washington High School food pantry is open to all students and families, offering food and hygiene products. The pantry receives support from HACAP, but regularly sees a need for breakfast, snack food, and hygiene products.

For more information or to donate, please contact Washington High School at 319-558-2161.