Eight Cedar Rapids Community School District teams competed in this week’s Robot Rumble, hosted by Metro High School.

Each team’s robot is built and programmed by students to operate independently and dependently. The robots must complete various tasks, such as placing blocks on an elevated surface and knocking rubber duckies off a platform. Points are awarded for each completed task.

A close of one of the robots participating in the Robot Rumble

“It’s fun, just meeting other teams and driving a robot and doing what I like to do,” says Tiahojka, a Harding team member.

“It’s just a place for people to put their creative outlets to use when it comes to programming and mechanics,” Sam, a Metro student, adds. “Everybody’s here to have fun in a friendly competition.”

CRCSD teams from Kennedy High School, Washington High School, Metro High School, Taft Middle School, Franklin Middle School, McKinley STEAM Academy, and Harding Middle School participated.