It’s been an historic week for CRCSD girls wrestling. Our three high school wrestling rooms have been a buzz of activity. This is the first year girls wrestling is an officially sanctioned sport by the Iowa Girls Athletic Union.

Excitement is off the charts!

“The excitement is especially high for the girls that wrestled before it was sanctioned,” says Craig Mallicoat, Kennedy Girls head wrestling coach. “Now they have a sport to call their own.”

In the high school and collegiate level, Iowa has always been known as a great wrestling state. With the addition of girls competing, “we are just greater” adds Mallicoat.

At Jefferson, Kennedy and Washington high schools, each school plans to have a team. Combined they will have 48 girls and possibly more participating in the sport.

“Within this short amount of time, it has been great to see our team ask questions about various moves, drill those moves, and then celebrate when they have accomplished the move,” says Vicki Hlubek, Jefferson girls head wrestling coach. “Our team is full of spunky energy that will overflow onto the mat!”

“It is exciting to see and have girls that are a part of and making history right in front of our eyes,” says John Hansen, Washington girls head wrestling coach. “I have seen young women have success wrestling against varsity boys so this is truly a wonderful opportunity for these young wrestlers to compete and thrive.”

Coach Mallicoat adds, “There is no limit to the potential our girls have and every day is an adventure I’m happy to be on with them.”

“I can’t wait to see them compete and show everyone all the hard work they have put into this sport thus far,” says Coach Hlubek.

CRCSD wishes each athlete the best as they participate in this inaugural season.