As we prepare for the upcoming winter months, we know that student illnesses will become more widespread. CRCSD provides a unique service to help students stay healthy. Metro Care Connection Clinics treat any PK to 12-grade CRCSD students, with parent consent. These school-based health centers are at Jefferson, Kennedy, and Metro High Schools, each staffed by a pediatric nurse practitioner.

“By providing access to these services, students can improve their health, participate in activities and be available to learn and achieve,” says Sandy Byard, CRCSD Health Services coordinator.

At Metro Care, our dedicated nurse practitioners can provide physical and preventative health services to students in a youth-friendly environment. Whether it is a simple ear infection, a student physical, or a medical referral, Metro Care grants services to students regardless of ability to pay.

This week in honor of nurse practitioners week, CRCSD would like to give a shout out to our three nurse practitioners, Sam Pape at Jefferson, Alexis Becker at Kennedy, and Sara Gordon at Metro.

“They ensure that all district students have the opportunity to access care which may not otherwise be available to them,” adds Byard. “We appreciate their hard work and commitment to the health and safety of our students!”

“It’s an honor to be a nurse practitioner in the Cedar Rapids Community School District,” says Sara Gordon. “Each day offers a new and exciting opportunity to assist our students and families in meeting their healthcare needs.”

Learn more about Metro Care Connection here.