A team from Taft Middle School took top honors during last weekend’s Iowa Region Future City Competition. Students of Team Marigna put together a winning presentation and best essay about a city that exists 100 years in the future and incorporates futuristic solutions to climate change. Team Marigna will compete at an International competition in Washington D.C., February 18-21.

“This year’s Future City Challenge was to find out how cities will be impacted by climate change and design ways for the city to both adapt to changes in climate, and to mitigate the progression of climate change. In tackling this challenge students learn how to work in teams, the value of cooperation and compromise, how to explain and present technical ideas, and the all important time management,” said Amy Engelmann, Taft’s PACT teacher.

Taft Team Marigna
Taft Middle School Team Marigna took first place, photo from NewBoCo K-12 Education
Franklin Middle School team St. Rio took second place, photo from NewBoCo K-12 Education
Harding Future City
Harding team Rahlia took third place, photo from NewBoCo K-12 Education