Since September is National Service & Therapy Dog Month, we thought it was the perfect time to introduce the district’s bark-tastic therapy dogs – Hopkins, Harper, Keely, Bleu, and Eco. These furry companions are not just adorable; they bring a wealth of benefits that contribute to our students’ emotional and social well-being, academic success, and overall happiness. All of the CRCSD therapy dogs are trained and certified. They act as teachers, motivators, listeners, and friends to our students and staff. They help to reduce stress and anxiety levels and provide a calming influence on students. Many students also read aloud to the dogs since they offer a non-judgemental audience, helping them to build confidence and improve their literacy skills.

Image of Hopkins the therapy dog

Meet Hopkins! Hopkins is a 3-year-old black lab that works alongside school counselor Ms. Moddy to help students at Garfield Elementary School. Besides greeting students when they arrive at school in the morning, he also loves listening to them read. Hopkins helps students with their communication and confidence and is always ready to be their friend. He can help turn a rough day into a paws-itive one!

Image of therapy dog Harper

Harper is a 6-year-old labradoodle who works alongside school counselor Ms. Vargason at Madison Elementary School. She likes to visit classrooms and play with the students during recess, especially when she gets her belly rubbed! Harper is good at helping to calm students who may be sad, stressed, or experiencing anxiety.

Keeley 2

Meet Keeley, the 6-year-old labradoodle! Keeley works alongside ELL Teacher Ms. DiGiacomo at Maple Grove Elementary School. Keeley spends time in the ELL room and special education classrooms, helping students feel relaxed and ready to learn. She enjoys greeting students in the morning and listening to them read. Some students just visit her when they need some cheering up.

Bleu 1

Meet Bleu, a 4-year-old golden retriever! Bleu works alongside special education teacher Ms. Miller at Washington High School. He helps to put smiles on the faces of students and staff as he spends time in different classrooms throughout the day. Bleu also helps students learn and regulate their emotions while also comforting them when they feel stressed, anxious, or sad. Here’s a fun fact about Bleu – He is named after Bleu Cheese because all of the puppies in his litter were named after cheeses.

Eco 1

Eco is a 3-year-old Labradoodle that works alongside school counselor Mrs. Coyle at Roosevelt Creative Corridor Business Academy. Eco is super chill and a calming force in the school, helping students relax, focus, and perform better. She likes greeting students in the morning and during class transitions, along with listening to them read. Eco also enjoys supporting Roosevelt students at sporting events and fine art performances. She even played “Sandy” in last year’s spring performance of Annie. Besides helping students in school, Eco also visits residents at a memory care unit.