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Cedar Rapids Community School District seeks opportunities to partner with community organizations for the purpose of supporting student social, emotional, and academic growth, and achieving our mission of Every Learner. Future Ready.

The school-community partnership program has evolved to better align needs with resources and focus on outcomes through enhanced support and partner relationships.

If your organization is interested in supporting CRCSD’s strategic plan and system indicators in the 2021-22 school year, register your organization by clicking on the button below so we can help match what is available with where it will have the greatest impact.

There are many opportunities to support our staff and students, all of which are valuable and deserve recognition. As community needs become more complex, we continue to welcome monetary donations and sponsorships, and time and talent through organization-coordinated volunteerism, but we also have interest in continuing to develop strong organizational partnerships across sectors.

If you are an individual looking to volunteer, please find more information here.

Funded community partnerships

Each year, CRCSD has a limited amount of funding to support programs and services that enhance our capacity to provide comprehensive services that help meet student social, emotional and physical health needs. For organizations to be eligible to apply for these funds, CRCSD requires a collaborative relationship with strategic objectives, long-term partnership commitment, and the sharing of data for enhanced collaboration.

Sponsor-donor partner

Our organization contributes money, products or materials to support school events, programs, or activities.

Volunteer partner

Our organization offers time, talent or expertise in a volunteer capacity to support students in the school setting.

Network partner

Our organization provides student programs or professional services that connect social-emotional health with academics in the school and community.

Collaborative partner

Our organization works closely with CRCSD staff to implement onsite programs and share data on proficiency, equity, and growth for impactful outcomes.


Key contacts

Stephanie Neff

Wellness and Community Partnerships Supervisor