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Overseeing a budget of $252 million, the accounting and budgeting department provides high-quality, efficient financial services to maintain Cedar Rapids Community School District’s financial integrity and stability.

CRCSD is committed to transparency on how public funds are spent. Current and historical budgetary information can be found below.

If you have any concerns someone who works for the District is engaged in financial mismanagement, please report your concerns on the financial integrity hotline.

Current year budget

Please view the following documents for information about the 2020-21 certified budget and line item budgets. Learn more about the budget development process here.

2020-21 certified budget

Certified budget

2020-21 line item budgets

All funds

General fund

Student activity fund

Management fund

SAVE fund

PPEL fund

Debt service fund

School nutrition fund

Day care fund

Archived line item budget books

View the 2019-20 budget

View the 2018-19 budget

View the 2017-18 budget

View the 2016-17 budget

View the 2015-16 budget

List of Paid Bills

Below are the lists of claims paid to vendors by the Cedar Rapids Community School District. The District sends checks to vendors weekly after they are approved by the Board Secretary. The Board of Education reviews these payments at their monthly business meeting. Items are available for public inspection by contacting the District Accounting Department.

Bills for 2021 – 2022

May 2022April 2022
March 2022February 2022January 2022
December 2021November 2021October 2021
September 2021August 2021July 2021

Procurement Card Transactions

The Cedar Rapids Community School District utilizes a Board of Education approved Procurement Card program through US Bank. Below is a list of all transaction activity sorted by cardholder. All card activity through the most recent month that is available through US Bank is listed and will be updated monthly.

Fiscal Year 2021 P-Card Activity July 1, 2021 – April 30, 2022

Comprehensive annual financial reports

The comprehensive annual financial report conforms to guidelines recommended by the Association of School Business Officials International and the Government Finance Officers Association.

2020-21 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2019-20 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2018-19 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2017-18 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2016-17 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2015-16 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2014-15 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Key contacts

Dave Nicholson

Executive Director of Business Services

Sarah Brown

Budget Coordinator

Krystle Braumann

Accounting Manager