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CRCSD found this historical data to be interesting and helpful in the context of the Facilities Master Plan. CRCSD has a significant history of repurposing buildings in a productive and fiscally-responsible manner and making adjustments to buildings and acquisitions based on enrollment fluctuations and community growth patterns.

“There have been factors over the years such as enrollment shifts and economic recessions that have played a role in CRCSD repurposing or selling buildings,” said Matt Dunbar, long-time Custodial and Grounds employee. “But very few school buildings have been torn down. The schools have been repurposed for good within the community.”

Matt Dunbar, Custodial and Grounds Manager, has been with CRCSD since 1975

Cedar Rapids Village School

Address: 2nd Ave. and 5th St. SE
In Service: 1847 – 1855
Repurposed: Single-family residence

No Image available

Cedar Rapids 1st Ward School

Address: 400 Block of 4th Ave. SE
In Service: 1855 – 1890
Repurposed: Site for Washington High School

Cr Washington

Cedar Rapids Washington High School

Address: 400 Block of 4th Ave. SE
In Service: 1891 – 1935
Sold: City of Cedar Rapids

Adams copy

Adams School

Address: 624 5th St. SE
In Service: 1868 – 1935
Repurposed: Private warehouse

Jefferson copy

Jefferson School

Address: 716 A Ave. NE
In Service: 1868 – 1940
Repurposed: In 1927 the building became the Educational Service Center, sold to the Knights of Columbus in 1940

Madison copy

Madison School

Address: 310 2nd Ave. SW
In Service: 1871 – 1935
Sold: In 1937 city of Cedar Rapids built new police station on site

Monrow copy

Monroe School

Address: 921 3rd Street SE
In Service: 1873 – 1922
Repurposed: Warehouse for Witwer Grocery Company.


Jackson Elementary (original)

Address: 4th Ave. & 12th St.
In Service: 1883 -1970
Sold to: Tenth Street Association

Old Van Buren

Van Buren Elementary (original)

Address: 14th Ave. & 3rd St. West
In Service: 1884 -1969
Sold to: Iowa State
Highway Commission

Haarison Fire 1

Harrison Elementary (original)

Address: 1200 Block 6th St. NW
In Service: 1885 -1929
Sold to: School destroyed by fire

exterior of Metro High School

Tyler Elementary

Address: 1212 7th St. SE
In Service: 1886 – 1982 (New building 1970)
Repurposed: Metro High School

Taylor New

Taylor Elementary

Address: 720 7th Ave. SW
In Service: 1889 – Present (New building 1974)
Repurposed: Cedar River Academy at Taylor Elementary School

exterior of polk alternative education center

Polk Elementary

Address: 1500 B Ave NE
In Service: 1893 – 2012 (New Building in 1970)
Repurposed: Polk Alternative Education Center in 2012

IMG 2960

Fillmore Elementary School (original)

Address: C Ave. & 10th St. West
In Service: 1895 -1970
Sold to: Salvation Army

Pierce Old copy

Pierce Elementary School (original)

Address: Belle Avenue SW
In Service: 1898 -1916
Repurposed:Single family home


Buchanan Elementary

Address: 2000 Mt. Vernon Rd SE
In Service: 1920 -1973
Repurposed: City of CR Ambroz Rec. Center


Lincoln Elementary

Address: 912 18th Ave SW
In Service: 1910 -1973
Repurposed: 1973 – agreement with Kirkwood Comm College, agreement reversed back to CRCSD, 2014 sold to Sanctuary Ministries

No Image available

Truman Annex (2 buildings)

Address: 200 Carter NW and 199 Day St NW
In Service: 1961 -1973
Repurposed: Fallon Harris & Milner Klouda
Ronald Mitchell

No Image available

Palo Elementary

Address: Palo
Year Closed :1973
Repurposed: Palo Community Center

Monroe School - today 2022 - image from google.

Monroe Elementary

Address: 3200 Pioneer Ave SE
Opened: 1961 – 2012 (Permanently Closed)
Repurposed: 1975 Monroe Elementary repurposed to Monroe Development Center; July 1991 Monroe repurposed to Monroe Early Childhood Center, September 2017 final sale to Affordable Housing Network of Iowa

Faith Bible Church, old Eisenhower Elementary school image from today, google image.

Eisenhower Elementary

Address: 1800 46th St NE
In Service: 1961 – 1978
Repurposed: Eastern Iowa FCA, New Covenant Bible Church, Faith Bible Church

Four Oaks Wing of Hayes Elementary School

Hayes Elementary

Address:1942 D St SW
In Service: 1915 – 1981
Repurposed: Hamilton Business College & Kaplan University

Harambee House

Metro HS East (original)

Address: 404 17th St. SE
In Service 1974 – 1982
Repurposed: Joanne Stevens, currently repurposed as the Harambee House

Crites & McConnell, Fillmore Elementary School (1961) Cedar Rapids, Iowa

New Fillmore Elementary

Address: 520 11th St SW
In Service: 1961 – 1982
Repurposed: Linn County Mental Health Association

No Image available

New Adams Elementary

Address:1635 Linmar Dr NE
In Service: 1961 – 1984
Repurposed: Issac Newton Christian Academy

Currently a 2022 image of Summit Schools formerly Noelridge Elementary school. Image from Google.

Noelridge Elementary

Address: 1010 Regent St NE
In Service : 1956 – 1985
Repurposed: Summit Schools

Crites & McConnell, Squaw Creek Elementary School (1972) Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Squaw Creek Elementary

Address: Mt Vernon Rd and County Rd F24
In Service: 1970 – 1985
Repurposed: Commercial office / multipurpose facility. Barry B. Smith

exterior of viola gibson elementary school

Viola Gibson Elementary

Address – 6101 Gibson Dr NE
Year opened – August 2002


Grant Vocational High School / ESC

Address: 346 2nd Ave SW
In Service: 1915- 2008 Flood
Repurposed as Educational Service Center in 1940 sold to Steve Emerson in 2012

ESC Annex building during the flood of 2008.

ESC Annex

Address: 353 2nd Ave SW
Year Closed: 1960’s – 2008 Flood
Repurposed: 2012 June – Steve Emerson

No Image available

ESC Carpenter & Paint Shop

Address::405 1st Ave SW
Year Closed: 2008 Flood
Repurposed: 2011 December – Sniggel Holdings

Old District Warehouse

District Warehouse

Address: 605/615 G Ave NW
In Service: 1960’s – 2008 Flood
Repurposed: 2011 December – Neighborhood Development Corp.

Nutrition Purchasing Warehouse flood picture from 2008. Waterlogged boxes

District Purchasing/Food & Nutrition

Address: 605 G Ave NW
In Service: 1960’s – 2008 Flood
Repurposed: 2011 December – Neighborhood Development Corp.

Educational Leadership and Support Center building at dusk


Address: 2500 Edgewood Rd NW
Year opened: February 2012 – New construction post-2008 flood

West Willow exterior 2

West Willow Elementary

Address: 6225 First Ave SW
Year opened: August 2021 at the original site of Coolidge Elementary

Maple Grove illustration

Maple Grove Elementary

Address: 1300 38th St NW
Year to open: July 2022 at the current site of Jackson Elementary