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Return to Work Program

It is the intent of the Cedar Rapids Community School District to identify meaningful work for employees who are temporarily unable to perform all, or portions, of their regular work assignments or duties due to a work-related injury. The goal is to allow valued employees the ability to return to productive work as quickly as possible. This may include a modification to the employee’s original position or providing an alternative position, depending on the employee’s medical restrictions and providing that it does not create an undue hardship to the District.

By providing temporary transitional or modified work activity for work-related injuries or illness, employees who are injured or ill remain an active and vital part of the organization. The Return to Work Program reduces days away from work, allows workers to recover more quickly and makes for a more positive work environment. All employees, regardless of injury, will be considered for placement in the Return to Work program. As provided in state law, the District will direct work-related medical care to its designated Occupational Healthcare provider and accept referrals to other providers when deemed appropriate by that designated provider.

  • Approved: 10-08-12
  • Reviewed: 10-22-18
  • Revised: 03-28-22
  • Documents: 506.15

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