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Substance-Free Workplace Procedures

When an employee is suspected of abusing substances the following procedures will be:

  1. Identification – the administrator or supervisor will document the evidence the administrator or supervisor has which leads the administrator or supervisor to suspect the employee has violated the Substance-free Workplace regulation.
  2. Consultation – the administrator or supervisor will contact the Human Resource Department to work through the remaining steps.
  3. Determination – after it has been determined that a violation of the Substance-Free Workplace regulation has been made, a discussion with the employee will occur.
  4. Discipline –the administrator, supervisor, Superintendent/designee may recommend discipline up to and including termination and/or may recommend the employee seek substance abuse treatment. Participation in a substance abuse treatment program is voluntary.
  5. Failure to participate in referral – if the employee refuses to participate in a substance abuse treatment program or if the employee does not successfully complete a substance abuse treatment program, the employee may be subject to discipline up to and including termination.
  6. Conviction – if an employee is convicted of a criminal drug offense committed in the workplace, the employee must notify the employer of the conviction within three days of the conviction.

Reference: Regulation 506.11

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