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Employee Payroll Guidelines

Employees are paid by the published biweekly payroll schedules or according to a negotiated agreement. If a regular pay date is a holiday, the payroll is paid on the last working day prior to the holiday. It is the employee’s responsibility to monitor the accuracy of their payroll and usage of leave time.

Non-exempt employees will be compensated for all time worked. Overtime will not be permitted without prior authorization of the supervisor. All time worked must be recorded using the electronic time clock system. It is the employee’s responsibility to accurately and appropriately use the electronic time clock system. Time spent working while not clocked in is strictly prohibited. Failure of the employee to maintain an accurate daily time record will be grounds for disciplinary action.

The District provides leave time to allow employees to be absent from scheduled work hours. As a public employer, the District is expected to record and monitor employee work and leave time in order to conform to principles of public accountability in their compensation practices.

When an employee is absent from work and they do not have available paid leave time, the employee’s pay will be reduced to reflect the missed time. Periods of unreimbursed time are discouraged and may be denied by the District.

The District complies with all applicable laws with respect to payment of wages and benefits to employees including laws such as the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and Iowa Wage Payment Collections Act. The District will not make pay deductions that violate either federal or state laws.

Any employee who believes the District has made an inappropriate deduction or has failed to make proper payment regarding wages or benefits shall immediately consult with the Payroll/Benefits Supervisor. Alternately, any employee may file a formal written complaint using the District’s complaint process. If any deductions are found to not be appropriately made, they will be reimbursed back to the employee. In the event the employee was overpaid, the District will identify options with the employee for the return of the funds. Any adjustments to payroll may be limited by the District to the current calendar year.


Legal Reference:

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  • Reviewed: 09-28-15
  • Revised: 01-27-2020
  • Documents: 708a

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