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Sale, Lease, or Disposition of Real Property

The Board of Directors may sell, lease, or dispose of, in whole or in part, a schoolhouse, site, or other real property belonging to the District by following the procedures specified in Chapter 297, Iowa Code.

Such disposition may occur when, in the opinion of the Board, school property is no longer needed for school purposes and a particular sale or lease would be of benefit to the District.

Every effort will be made to cooperate with other political subdivisions and community agencies that wish to acquire or lease property no longer needed for school purposes.

Code of Iowa
: Chapter 297

  • Approved: 07-13-87
  • Reviewed: 08-28-89, 09-14-92, 01-13-97
  • Reviewed: 12-14-98, 08-25-03, 03-24-08
  • Revised: 04-14-14
  • Reviewed: 03-08-2021
  • Documents: 802.2

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