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Volunteers – Screening

The Cedar Rapids Community School District uses a volunteer management screening program to strengthen the District’s safety and security for students and staff.  Volunteers and visitors are asked to present an authorized and approved identification card which will be scanned or manually entered into the software system.  The system is designed to check identification information against the national sex offender registry.  In addition, all volunteers whose primary role is that of working directly with students or assisting staff on a regular basis; supervising/chaperoning students; or acting as an authority figure will annually complete an online Volunteer Application.  The application will be reviewed by Building and District administration for any additional information needed to qualify the candidate as a volunteer.

The safety and security of our students and staff is our highest priority and the use of a management system provides a consistent way to aid in the protection of all.

  • Approved: 12-14-98
  • Revised: 01-10-00
  • Reviewed: 05-12-03
  • Revised: 02-27-06, 09-22-08, 11-12-12, 05-14-18, 10-25-2021
  • Documents: 1002a

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