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As a school corporation of Iowa, the Cedar Rapids Community School District, acting through its Board of Directors, is dedicated to developing a District Strategic Plan that impacts all aspects of the school system.

Our Vision
Every Learner. Future Ready

Our Mission
To ensure all learners experience a rigorous and personalized learning experience so they have a plan, a pathway, and a passion for their future.

Our Beliefs
Student Ownership
Student Learning

Our Focus Areas
Culture – Provide a safe, supportive, collaborative culture in which diversity of every learner is valued and embraced.
Student Learning – Ensure high quality instruction which fosters and inspires academic, social, and emotional learning and growth to meet the needs of every student.
Workforce – Engage and empower a talented and diverse workforce who supports Every Learner. Future Ready.
Resources & Systems – Maximize operational systems and prioritize resources based on student needs while maintaining the financial health of the district.

  • Approved: 11-13-89
  • Reviewed: 09-25-95, 10-23-95
  • Revised:  10-12-98
  • Reviewed: 03-24-03
  • Revised: 09-12-05, 12-08-08, 03-14-11, 09-22-14, 10-14-19, 10-26-2022
  • Documents: 101

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