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Conduct of Meetings/Quorum

Action by the Board of Directors regarding the affairs of the District may be taken only when a quorum, a majority of the Board Members, is in attendance at the Board meeting. The presence of four Board members will constitute a quorum and are sufficient number to transact business of the District. If Board Members are unable to attend meetings in person, they may attend meetings electronically provided each member can hear and be heard in real time by all members present and the public.

An affirmative vote of a majority of the votes cast is sufficient to pass a motion or take action, unless a vote of greater number is stipulated by law or Board policy.

In most cases, voice voting shall be used. However, a roll call vote shall be taken when required by law and in the following instances:

• Employment of personnel
• Actions related to budget and tax levies
• Election resolutions
• Bond issue resolutions
• Closed Sessions

In addition to the above, a roll call vote shall be taken at the discretion of the President or upon the request of a Board member.

Board meetings shall be conducted in an orderly manner that encourages free discussion and promotes constructive thinking and action. The Board shall not consider itself bound by the rules of any certain manual of parliamentary procedure. In the event a dispute concerning procedure arises, the Board President may use the latest edition of Robert Rules of Order.

Code of Iowa: §§21.5(1) and 279.4

  • Approved:  05-27-80
  • Reviewed: 02-27-89
  • Revised: 04-06-92
  • Reviewed: 09-25-95
  • Revised: 01-11-99
  • Reviewed: 04-14-03
  • Revised: 02-09-09, 04-27-15, 11-18-19, 10-23-2023
  • Documents: 202.9

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