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Evaluation is a collaborative process designed to provide timely, substantive, and accurate feedback with the purpose of improving the quality of leadership performance. The intent of the process should be to identify and strengthen positive areas of performance, and also to identify and design strategies for areas of growth. The process is ongoing with frequent observations and feedback on performance and multiple opportunities for recognition of, and implementation of, continuous improvement to carry out the goals of the employee, school/department, and the District.

Formal evaluations for all administrators will be conducted annually in accordance with established standards, criteria and legal requirements.


Code of Iowa: ยงยง 279.8, .21-.23A
Iowa Administrative Code: 281 I.A.C. 12.3(3); ch 83

  • Approved:  11-27-78
  • Reviewed: 04-24-89
  • Revised: 08-24-92
  • Reviewed: 01-22-96, 10-26-98, 06-09-03
  • Revised: 06-28-10, 06-27-16, 04-12-2021
  • Documents: 303

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