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The instructional program shall be established consistent with state and federal regulations and the District Strategic Plan and shall be available to all students at each school within each level (elementary, middle and high). The instructional program may be modified to provide learning experiences that meet individual student needs to ensure that all students demonstrate competency in specific content knowledge and skills, and develop a positive set of attitudes, understandings, values, and skills that will help them to function effectively in a democratic society. The basic instructional program should be extended, within the available resources of the District, to encompass an appropriate range of diversified learning experiences. The plan for each instructional program must include a PK-12 scope and sequence aligned with state and federally mandated standards, instructional materials and integrated technologies, activities, assessments, and methods of evaluation. Emphasis should be placed on total program coordination.

In conjunction with the basic program of instruction, a comprehensive and balanced program of co-curricular activities that contributes directly to the educational, social, emotional, behavioral and physical development of the student should be provided by the District.

It is the responsibility of the District to ensure that the resources are available to provide the same high-quality instructional program at each school within the level, and the responsibility of the principal and the instructional staff at each school, to implement the instructional program with integrity and fidelity. To maximize learning opportunities for each student, a cooperative relationship should be established between home and school.

  • Approved: 01-09-78
  • Reviewed: 11-13-89
  • Revised: 12-11-89
  • Reviewed: 11-23-92, 03-25-96, 09-28-98
  • Revised: 05-24-04, 07-15-13
  • Reviewed: 09-10-18
  • Revised: 02-28-2022
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