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Career Education

Career education for students will be infused into all levels of the instructional program. Components should include, but not be limited to, awareness of self in relation to others and the needs of society, experiences in personal decision making, and exploration of employment opportunities. Experiences will be designed to foster work skills and work ethic. As a part of career education, the administration is authorized to develop and offer educational activities in which students participate directly in the development and demonstration of various products, services, and skills.

A comprehensive school counseling program will assist in the dissemination of career information. Community representatives may provide information or instruction to individual students or groups of students during school hours upon the authorization of the appropriate administrator. The Board may periodically review the means by which career education is integrated into the school counseling and instructional programs.


Code of Iowa: Chapter 23A.2, 280.9
Iowa Administrative Code: Chapter 281, 12.5(7)
Cross Reference Regulation 400.10

  • Approved: 02-14-78
  • Transferred: from 605.4, 08-25-86
  • Revised: 02-13-89
  • Reviewed: 11-13-89
  • Revised: 02-08-93
  • Reviewed: 04-08-96, 09-28-98, 05-24-04
  • Revised: 04-27-15, 10-14-19
  • Documents: 400.5

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