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Classification of Field Trips

A field trip is a trip off the school site, generally taken by a group of students in connection with curricular or co-curricular programs.

Field trips are divided into the following categories:

  • A. Routine: field trips within a 300 mile radius of Cedar Rapids.
    • 1. Curricular – Curricular field trips are an integral component of the curriculum and are generally scheduled for all students in a grade or class. Transportation may be provided for such trips.
    • 2. Co-Curricular –Co-curricular field trips typically involve attendance at a special activity, contest, or conference, and may not involve all students.
  • B. Non-Routine: field trips outside a 300 mile radius of Cedar Rapids.
    All non-routine trips (curricular and co-curricular) must have a central objective(s), which qualify them as one or more of the following types of trips: (1) performance experience; (2) study; (3) contest participation; or (4) broad, culminating experience. The educational value, cultural opportunity, and/or performing experience should be sufficiently rewarding to justify the distance traveled, the time out of school (if any) and the fund-raising activities.


Reference: Board Policy Section 1002

  • Approved: 12-12-77
  • Reviewed: 11-13-89
  • Revised: 12-11-89
  • Reviewed: 01-11-93, 06-24-96, 01-11-99
  • Revised: 12-09-02
  • Reviewed: 01-13-03, 12-08-03
  • Revised: 02-14-11
  • Reviewed: 08-28-17, 10-11-2021
  • Documents: 404.1

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