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Student Performance at Political Events

The following criteria will govern the participation of student performances at political events:

  • Performances of student groups are appropriate at events attended by the current President and/or Vice-President of the United States, or Governor of the State of Iowa whether the event is considered to be of a partisan nature or not.
  • Requests for student performances at partisan political events will be directed to the Superintendent for consideration.
  • Student participation shall be voluntary in all cases.
  • Students who perform at such events serve as ambassadors of the District and are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with Board policy.
  • Use of school-owned apparel, equipment, instruments, and material is permitted for approved performances.
  • Participation of student performing groups shall not be construed as endorsement of any political party or position by the Cedar Rapids Community School District.


Cross Reference: Policies 403, 404, and 1005

  • Approved: 06-09-97
  • Reviewed: 08-09-99, 12-08-03
  • Revised: 02-14-11, 08-22-16
  • Reviewed: 06-14-2021
  • Documents: 404.6

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