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The District shall implement state and federally mandated curriculum standards with integrity and fidelity. Program development must be aligned with the curriculum standards and ensure that all students have an opportunity to meet the standards. Instructional materials, equipment and technology to support the curriculum should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. Reports on progress shall be provided to the Board.

When selecting, developing or modifying curriculum the process should:

  • align with state and federal curriculum standards and performance level requirements
  • support the District Strategic Plan and annual improvement goals aligned with equity and access for all students
  • reflect the educational and operational needs assessment of the District
  • align with existing programs
  • address the developmental characteristics of the grade level(s)
  • provide for individual differences, extension and remediation
  • incorporate the PK-12 standards for the curricular area
  • provide suggested instructional activities, materials, and technology
  • provide course descriptions for the program of studies
  • identify assessment and evaluation techniques to monitor the progress of students and the effectiveness of the curriculum

Iowa Code 216.9; 256.7, 279.8; 280.3
281 I.A.C.12.5, .8
20 U.S.C. 123h
34 C.F.R. Pt. 98

Cross Reference: Policy 401


  • Reviewed: Reviewed: 11-13-89
  • Revised: Revised: 12-11-89, 03-08-93
  • Reviewed: Reviewed: 06-24-96
  • Revised: Revised: 11-09-98, 07-15-13, 09-10-18
  • Reviewed: 02-28-2022
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