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Professional Research, Publishing and Intellectual Property

School employees are encouraged to develop, implement, and review materials related to their professional assignments:

Guidelines Regarding Ownership, Copyright, and Intellectual Property

1. If the material or software is produced during the paid work time of any employee, and/or is produced using the District property, facilities, or materials, regardless of when it is produced, it is the sole and exclusive property of the District, and the material or software rights belong to the District for copyrighting and sale.

2. If the material or software is produced outside of school time without expense, involvement, or direction on the part of the District or its administrators or use of school facilities, then the material or software rights belong to the individual for copyrighting and sale.

Guidelines Regarding Sale of District-Developed Materials

1. If the determination is made to sell the materials, the price should include recovery of actual costs and at least a portion of the development costs.

2. The Community Relations Office shall prepare materials describing the availability and price of materials available for sale. All sales shall be handled through the Accounting Department.

Guidelines Regarding Journal Articles

1. All staff members are encouraged to submit articles to professional journals and are also encouraged to have articles reviewed by the appropriate administrator responsible for the applicable content.

2. If the subject matter of the article describes District-sponsored activities, it is expected that the Cedar Rapids Community School District is acknowledged.

3. When such activities are generated by cooperative efforts of several District employees, it is expected that the writer will offer to collaborate in the article with the other employees involved.

Guidelines Regarding Educational Research

1. Requests to pursue research projects involving the District must be made prior to initiation of the project and approved by the superintendent/designee. Any research projects must ensure appropriate participant confidentiality.

2. Staff, who may be or are asked to participate in research, may voluntarily participate in research projects.

  • Approved: 09-26-88
  • Reviewed: 10-23-89
  • Revised: 02-22-93
  • Reviewed: 06-24-96
  • Revised: 02-22-99, 11-12-12, 12-10-18, 03-28-22
  • Documents: 503.2

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