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Cell Phones for District Use

Assignment of Cell Phone or Other Communication Devices:
Cell phones may be assigned or made available on a permanent or temporary basis when it is determined that the assignment of a cell phone device or reimbursement for the District use of a personal cell phone device to the employee is a prudent use of District resources and:

  • The employee’s job responsibilities require the ability to communicate frequently.
  • The employee’s job involves situations where immediate communication is necessary to ensure the safety of individuals and/or security of District property.

Cell phones are provided specifically to carry out official District business when other means of communications are not readily available. These devices may not be used for routine personal communications except in emergencies.

  • Personal use of District-provided cell phones is limited to making or receiving calls for family emergency purposes.
  • District-provided cell phone devices are not to be loaned to others.
  • Employees issued a cell phone are responsible for its safekeeping at all times. Defective, lost or stolen cell phones are to be reported immediately to the Technology Department who will in turn notify the service provider.
  • Reckless or irresponsible use of District equipment resulting in loss or damage may result in the employee having to reimburse the District for any associated costs of replacement or repair.
  • Cell phones and any other District communication equipment issued for employees are to be returned to the employee’s supervisor at the conclusion of employment, school year, activity, or as otherwise specified or immediately upon request.

Personal Use of District-Issued Cell Phones:
It is expected that there will be minimal use of District-issued phones for personal business. Excessive personal use may result in charges being assessed to the employee.

District Reimbursement for Use of Personal Phones:
Employees may be reimbursed for use of privately-owned cell phones to conduct District business in accordance with Board policy and with prior approval of the Superintendent/designee.

  1. Administrators are expected to be available via phone. They may elect a District cell phone or receive a communication allowance (per negotiated work agreement) for use of a personal cell phone in lieu of being issued a District-provided cell phone.
  2. Other staff members may request reimbursement for authorized use of an employee-owned cell phone to conduct District business when other communication options are not available.
    a. Requests for reimbursement are to be submitted on District provided forms accompanied by a copy of the billing statement with the District business related calls highlighted. A notation for each highlighted entry, indicating the nature of the call is required.
    b. The employee’s immediate supervisor must sign-off on the billing statement verifying the calls were District business related.
    c. District reimbursement for authorized use of employee-owned cell phones will be made in accordance with District payment procedures. The reimbursement amount will be based on current District costs for such services.
    d. Employees shall not be reimbursed for text messages or calls to personal cell phones related to Multifactor Authentication (MFA).
    e. Requests for reimbursement, including the highlighted billing statement, must be submitted within thirty (30) days of the end of the time period for which reimbursement is requested.
    Requests submitted after the reimbursement deadline has passed will be denied.

  • Approved:  01-25-16
  • Revised: 10-25-2021
  • Documents: 512.2

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